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IST airport, Turkey
Car rental in Istanbul, Turkey
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Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Turkey
Car rental in Istanbul, Turkey
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Istanbul, Turkey
Rent a car in Istanbul, Turkey
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"Turkey is a country where every step becomes a dance of joy and unity"
Tourism in Turkey is one of the country's main industries, with millions of tourists visiting its shores every year. Along with beautiful beaches, Turkey is also known for its historical sites and fascinating culture. 90% of travelers surveyed recommend exploring Turkey by rental car. It saves time, allows you to explore more places during your vacation, visit many attractions and explore the coasts of Turkey that are beyond the reach of public transportation routes.


Instant confirmation of the application, communication immediately after the reservation on WhatsApp. Minimum data during booking. We will definitely recommend to our friends to rent a car in Turkey and we will use it ourselves.
Irina Scholz, Germany


Received the car right at the airport in Istanbul. The representative texted us on WhatsApp right on arrival. Signed the contract, got the car right away, minimum deposit. Returned immediately upon return of the rental. I will always contact as soon as I will be in Turkey.
Alex D, Ireland


Our vacation in Turkey was super. We took the advice of friends and rented a car and did not regret it. We managed to see everything and swim. Service is excellent, above all praise. definitely recommend.
Diana, España

Profitable car rental in Turkey

Renting a car is and should be a simple and cost-effective process. Learn about the advantages and benefits you can get by renting a car with us in Turkey!

The lowest deposit

As a rule, large deposits bring discomfort in traveling. Therefore, our catalog consists exclusively of car rental offers in Turkey with a very low deposit. The deposit is only 150 - 300 euros depending on the class of car. The deposit amount is detailed for each type of rental car and you can choose a convenient for you. No huge deposits and hidden commissions.

Excellent coverage conditions

You can choose from the most flexible coverage terms and conditions, choose partial or full coverage. Regulate the cost of car rental yourself, besides, a full insurance package at very favorable rates will ensure maximum comfort, no risks and stress and complete peace of mind during your trip in Turkey.

Guarantee of profitable price

Stress-free rentals. The most honest prices, no hidden commissions and fees and you always have the option to cancel your booking for free if your plans suddenly change, just notify our representatives 48 hours in advance. 100% best prices and only safe deals, and direct prices from the supplier will allow you to rent a car at the best and most favorable conditions in Turkey.

Simple, clear and profitable rental conditions

Simple and clear terms and conditions, the most transparent prices and instructions. We spell out all the nuances in detail in the terms and conditions, as well as trying to provide the most understandable wording, so that everything was simple and clear. All the main aspects of renting a car in Turkey, you will find in the card description of the car, they are specified immediately and highlighted in color, rent without surprises, always clear and understandable rental parameters. Guaranteed price, no unexpected surcharges when you receive the car.

Instant rental confirmation

All cars and prices you see in the search results are a public offer for car rental in Turkey, so you do not have to wait for additional checks on availability and price relevance. You will receive an order confirmation immediately after completing the online application on our website. Also in the voucher will be detailed instructions on how to get the car and contact details of the car rental office in Turkey, as well as the responsible persons who meet you and are in charge of your booking.

Renting a car in Turkey can provide a number of advantageous opportunities for the traveling tourist. Here are a few advantages of renting a car in Turkey: There is no connection to public transportation - renting a car gives you the opportunity to move freely and conveniently around the country, to visit places that are not always accessible by bus. Freedom of time: Again without being tied to public transportation schedules, you plan your own time and route. Make a stop at any place of interest to you and spend as much time there as you need. Large selection: In our catalog of car rentals in Turkey, you can choose a car of any class, from economy to luxury and the right price according to your budget. Discover unexplored territories: The huge number of national parks and reserves in Turkey expands the horizons of tourism for you with a rental car. Enjoy the country's natural attractions with a rental car. Comfort: when traveling by car, you will enjoy comfort and freedom of movement. You will not have to carry your belongings for long distances or sit in crowded buses and trains.

It is, however, necessary to keep in mind Turkey's traffic rules and safety guidelines when renting a car.

Tips and tricks for Rentaholiday customers
The experience we have accumulated over the years as experts in the car rental industry allows us to share our skills with you and maximize the benefits of cooperation in Turkey.

Best car rental in Turkey

Best car rental in Turkey
The placement of offers in the catalog is influenced by the customer himself, leaving reviews and comments after each booking. Therefore, when choosing a car for rent, you can safely rely on the opinion of people who have already used our services. Offers are already selected on the basis of reviews, so when making a choice, with full confidence know that the catalog is collected from offers proven by time and user evaluations. We do not aim at quantitative expansion of the catalog in Turkey, only car rental services that have been tested by our experts and have earned a star of quality.

Rent a car in Turkey profitably

Rent a car in Turkey profitably - Rentaholiday
Take advantage of the time-tested method. It is realistic to save from 30-40% simply by booking a car in advance. You do not lose anything, as you always have the opportunity to cancel the order for car rental in Turkey 48 hours before the start of the rental for free, and the benefit gained by pre-booking a car is very significant. Believe me, searching for a car locally or on arrival at the airport is a very costly and not always convenient process. Experience suggests that the price increases significantly by the day of the start of the rental period in Turkey. Modern technologies and extensive catalog of our website will allow you to economically reserve a car by making an online application well in advance

Choose the coverage you need

Car rental in Turkey profitable - Rentaholiday
Manage your booking conditions yourself. Adjust the costs by choosing the most suitable type of cover for you, full coverage or partial coverage. We always recommend choosing full coverage, as it does not significantly affect the price, but it significantly relieves and protects you from any unforeseen situations during your vacation. Minimize risks and get full comfort from the extended insurance package with the "Super" option, which includes full coverage and roadside assistance 24/7 Rent a car in Turkey - simple, convenient and easy to understand.

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Cities, airports and stations where you can rent a car profitably in Turkey

Istanbul Airport (IST)
Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Sancaktepe, Turkey
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