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Don't know where to go travelling? Or are you already on holiday and looking for a car rental near you? Explore popular car hire locations, compare prices and great rates and plan your holiday in advance with Rentaholiday. Below we have listed the most popular car rental locations. With us, you can rent a car anywhere in the world at the best price.

Car rental in Spain without deposit, with full coverage Spain
No deposit with full coverage rental
Car rental in California - United States of America from 30 € per day California
292 offers in 35 cities

Los Angeles - 177 offers in 8 locations
Los Angeles Airport from € 41.50 per day
San Francisco - 121 offers in 8 locations
San Francisco Airport from € 37.05 per day
San Diego - 126 offers in 4 locations
San Diego Airport from €48.90 per day

Car hire in France from 4.5 € per day France
4206 offers in 381 cities

Marseille - 195 offers in 9 locations
Marseille Airport from €24.45 per day
Nice - 227 offers in 4 locations
Nice Airport from €25.21 per day
Paris - 178 offers in 44 locations
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport from €31.70 per day
Bordeaux - 198 offers in 5 locations
Bordeaux Airport from €12.44 per day
Carcassonne - 125 offers in 1 location
Carcassonne Airport from €31.00 per day
Lyon - 227 offers in 13 locations
Lyon St Exupéry Airport from €26.86 per day
Toulouse - 191 offers in 7 locations
Toulouse Blagnac Airport from €21.98 per day
Bergerac - 87 offers in 3 locations
Bergerac Airport from €27.35 per day
Biarritz - 149 offers in 3 locations
Biarritz Airport from €28.80 per day
Grenoble - 9 offers in 3 locations
Grenoble-Alpes-Isere Airport from €53.83 per day
Montpellier - 162 offers in 4 locations
Montpellier-Mediterranée Airport from €24.11
Nantes - 213 offers in 8 locations
Nantes Airport from €29.14 per day
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