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Car rental in Spain

* One-way service may be charged

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Basic concepts, instructions and conditions of service

The rental price includes:
- Mileage: Unlimited, unless, according to the terms of the rental company, it is not necessary to fulfill certain requirements for this (for example, the minimum number of rental days). Carefully read the options that we indicate for you in the car description;
- Local taxes;
- insurance (franchise insurance, franchise insurance, third party liability insurance);
- Road tax;
- Roadside support.
The rental price does NOT include:
- Service after hours (work time depends on location) - 39.93 euros per service;
- One-way rental: Additional fees may apply when picking up and dropping off the vehicle at different locations;
- Fines, toll roads and parking fees; - Administrative expenses in case of a fine: 40 EUR for each individual case;
- Failure to appear at the place of receipt of the machine;
- Late / early return;
- Loss of keys, documents;
- Maintenance fee (return of a dirty car; with insufficient fuel, etc.);
- Full coverage (accident insurance, the cost of full coverage is calculated based on the number of rental days).
Please note that prices for additional services not included in the total cost of the rental and paid by the rental company may vary. Additional options / special equipment are subject to availability.
Voucher | Contract
Our company negotiates your rental with a rental company, depending on the type of car specified and the location of its receipt. Upon receipt of the car at the front of the car rental company, you must present a voucher. Please note that the voucher is not a rental agreement and upon receipt of the car you need to sign a rental agreement with the car rental company specified in the voucher, according to local laws. The amount of the rent indicated on the first page of the voucher, you must pay the car rental company. Payment for services not included in the rent is made in accordance with local requirements and in local currency on the basis of a contract with a car rental company.
Cancellation of reservation
Cancellation of reservation with full and partial prepayment.
- If you cancel the reservation no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental, money will be returned to you, with the exception of the penalty for cancellation in the amount of 55.00 EUR;
- If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, you will be refunded, with the exception of a cancellation penalty of 75.00 EUR;
- If you cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before the start of the rental, money will be returned to you, with the exception of a penalty for cancellation in the amount of 150.00 EUR;
- If your prepayment is less than 150.00 EUR, there is no additional cancellation fee, but a refund is not possible.
The cost of unused rental days is not refundable;
- Reservation cannot be canceled after the start of the lease.
* Or the same amount in USD / GBP in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of cancellation.
No show:
The following cases fall under the concept of “No-show”:
- If we do not receive timely notice of your canceled reservation;
- If you are not at the place of car pick-up at the scheduled time;
- If upon receipt of the car you do not have the necessary documents;
- If upon receipt of the car you cannot provide a credit card in the name of the main driver with a sufficient amount to block the insurance deposit.
In all these cases, a refund is not possible. The rental company reserves the right to refuse to issue a car to you if you are not at the place of picking up the car at the scheduled time with the documents necessary for renting and a credit card, or if you were previously blacklisted by the rental company.
Change reservation
You can change the reservation on the site (by specifying the reservation number in the "Reservation number" section) no later than 24 hours before the start of the rental.
Please note that any change in the reservation, including a change in the place of receipt or return of the car, car class, duration of the rental, as well as the driver’s personal data, may affect the rental price, therefore, the final cost after the changes may differ from that indicated at the time of booking.
Please note: the prices are based on the time and date of receipt and return of the car, which you choose when booking. If you receive the car later or return earlier than the specified time, a refund for unused hours or rental days is not possible.
Driver's age and driver's license requirements
Minimum driver age is - 21.
The maximum driver age is - 75.
Deposit or extra charge for a young driver (21 to 24 years old inclusive) or an elderly driver (70 to 75 years old inclusive), payable separately upon car pick-up from the rental company, according to their pricelist and rental conditions. 
Driving experience - at least 1 year.
When receiving a car from our car rental providers, the main driver, as well as additional drivers, must present a full driver’s license in their name.
Please keep in mind that having an international driver’s license does not eliminate the need to have a full driver’s license in the name of the main driver.
Border crossing policy
Traveling outside Spain and other countries is strictly prohibited. (*Unless the contract with the rental company stipulates otherwise as an exception. The service is subject to a charge and must be agreed upon in advance of signing the rental contract.)
Car group | Model
We do not guarantee a specific make of the car and cannot guarantee the type of fuel. Which car is displayed in the voucher for indicative purposes only, but you should be offered an equivalent car.
Customer Service Questions
If you are unsatisfied with certain aspects of the rental, inform the local car rental company about this.
Formal complaints at the end of the rental should be sent in writing to our customer service department at the email address We will take into account your interests and try to understand the situation. You will receive a confirmation of your email within a few days, and we will answer all questions regarding customer service within 28 days from the receipt. In some cases, delays are possible when we are dealing with third parties.
Fuel | Fuel type | Types of car rental policies
As a rule, when you receive a car, under the terms of a number of rental car rental offices, you must reimburse the same amount of fuel in the car that was in the car from the moment you started the rental (that is, signing a rental contract when you accept the car from a rental company).
Advance payment of fuel (partial refund).
If the car was received by you with a full tank of fuel, according to the conditions of some rental companies, upon receipt of the car you will need to make a fuel deposit. In this case, it will be returned to you when you return the car, with the exception of the administrative fee for fuel.
If a deposit is not required, the cost of fuel is calculated when the car is returned based on how much fuel has been used up. The fuel charge charged by the rental company is added to the cost of spent fuel.
The fuel administration fee is not refundable and will be levied regardless of how much fuel is in the tank when the car is returned. In cases where, under the terms of the rental company, you receive a car with a minimum amount of fuel and must return it with the same amount (Empty | Empty), the surplus remaining fuel in the car will not be reimbursed to the renter in this case.
Fuel is paid at the rental point, unless otherwise specified in the rental conditions.
- Depending on the place of picking up the rental car, the voucher that you receive upon payment will indicate the address, as well as the working hours of the pick-up / drop-off office of the rental car. If you order a car with the option of delivery at the place of demand or pick-up and drop-off, for example, at the airport (for a number of additional services, some rental companies this is possible), you need to indicate in additional wishes all the data for uninterrupted receipt of a rental car by you, that is, the number flight, time or address where you want to deliver the car.
- Please, before receiving the car, carefully read the address, as well as the office hours. The receipt or delivery of the car during non-office hours is subject to an additional fee.
- For additional insurance for our customers, we never provide information on cars or offices that will not be available during the time period specified by you in the search filter when choosing a car. However, we cannot guarantee the timely return of the car by our customers to the rental office and responsibility, as well as payment of the rental for the return during non-working hours, lies entirely with the client.
- Before receiving the car, print the received rental voucher, and present it at the counter of the office of receiving the car.
- Carefully inspect the vehicle you receive for damage, technical condition and availability, as well as the amount of fuel in the vehicle.
- If you have any complaints about the rental car, please state them when you receive the car and before you sign the rental agreement. Further, all comments identified as a result of operation (with the exception of cases of natural malfunction of the car) are null and void.


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