Valencia's main attractions

What to see in Valencia

One of the biggest cities in Spain and the capital of the Valencian Community is Valencia. It is the third largest city in Spain and was founded in 138 BC by the Romans.

It has everything you need for an interesting holiday.

What are the must-sees in Valencia?

City of Science and Art in Valencia - City of Science and Art in Valencia(Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) - one of the most important attractions in Valencia. A whole "city" inside the city with an original design and an area of 350000 m². This architectural marvel consists of five complexes: the Science Museum, Oceanographic Park, Planetarium, Botanical Garden and Umbracle Gallery, Sofia Palace of Arts and the Agora Centre.

A bit of information that will be useful if you are planning to visit the City of Science and Arts:

This complex is located near the centre of Valencia. If you like to walk, you can walk to it, but keep in mind that you will need to walk there as well (the area of all the objects is quite large and they are located at a distance from each other), so calculate your strength.

If you've come on holiday and rented a car in Valencia, then be prepared to pay for parking here - 7 € per day, provided you have an entrance ticket to any of these complexes. This is probably the best option from personal experience. Of course, if you have the patience, you can look for a space in the paid parking areas along the road or free parking in the shopping centres nearby, the choice is yours. If you are not connected to transport and you are not close by, you can take the bus or book a taxi.

Cathedral of Valencia - Cathedral of Valencia(Catedral de València). It is the most important cathedral in Valencia, located in the heart of the old part of the city. It is impossible to ignore this temple, whose construction dates back to the 13th century. The prevailing Gothic style is mesmerising. And the bowl, which is kept here, to the right of the entrance, is recognised by the Vatican as the supposed vessel of the Holy Grail. Very interesting and exciting.

City Hall Square in Valencia

- The main square of the city(la Plaza del Ayuntamiento). A square in the shape of a large triangle with beautiful building facades all around, full of fountains, benches and flowers. This is where the most interesting festivities take place, so make sure you know in advance about the upcoming events during your visit to Valencia. This is a great opportunity to get new unforgettable emotions, because holidays in Spain know how to celebrate! Silk Exchange in Valencia

- The Silk Exchange(Lonja de la Seda), formerly considered a symbol of the power of Valencia, which experienced a booming economy in the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries thanks to the production of silk, which many of the city's inhabitants were engaged in. The Merchant's Hall is considered to be the magnificent jewel of the building, with the original idea of originally making the ceiling supposedly in the form of a starry sky and its 24 columns to hold up the vaults in the form of palm trees or centuries-old tall trees. Now this is just a guess, and at present this hall does not look like nature with the starry sky and trees symbolising the fusion of nature. But the hall is open to the public and you can see and imagine for yourself what this building looked like in the past. Central Market in Valencia

- Central Market in Valencia(Mercado Central de Valencia). Built in the first half of the 20th century opposite the Silk Exchange. A very popular place among locals and of course tourists. It occupies a vast area of more than 8000 m². The architectural design of the building is very attractive to look inside and walk along the stalls with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat delicacies, and much more. The main dome of this complex is very impressive, as are the stained glass windows and trim. This Valencia landmark is one of the must-see attractions. Turia Park in Valencia

- Turia Park(Jardín del Turia). An integral part of Valencia. A huge green park with many trees and plants on the site of a drained riverbed, which stretches for more than 9 kilometres across the city. There are 18 bridges of different styles of architecture, which makes the park even more diverse and interesting to visit. Just like any park, there are also playgrounds for children. But there is no giant Gulliver anywhere else but Parc Turia. It is a 70 metre high figure with ladders and slides that would be fun for adults to climb. The play areas are very well thought out and there is plenty of room for fun. Walking through this splendour, you can come to the main attractions of the city, such as the City of Science and Art. Beaches in Valencia

- Beaches. As if for convenience, most of them are within the city limits, which are not difficult to get to at all. Whichever beach you go to sunbathe and swim in the Mediterranean Sea, know that it is as good as the others. The cost of renting sunbeds is about 8-10 €, an umbrella - 5 €. So if you're in Valencia for an extended period of time, we recommend going to any nearby Chinese shop and buying it all.

In conclusion, we would like to add that this city is very hospitable and if you want your holiday to be perfect and varied, Valencia is waiting for you!