What type of fuel should I put in my hire car?

What type of fuel should I put in my hire car?So, the holiday has started, you got the rented car, drove to the nearest petrol station and ... remembered, or rather realised that you don't know what kind of fuel your car uses. You open the cap of the fuel tank, and there are incomprehensible symbols and designations. What to do?

The first and most important rule is not to act randomly. If you fill the wrong type of fuel, you can completely put the vehicle out of service irrevocably.

To find out what fuel to put in your car in Spain, you can use the following methods:

1. The most obvious and reliable way is to contact the office where you rented the car in Spain. If you find this difficult, contact the rental company (their number is on the voucher and usually in the top right or left corner of the car windscreen) to find out what fuel to use.

Types of fuel in Spain?2. Follow the signs at petrol stations: Petrol stations in Spain usually have signs that indicate what fuel is on offer at each station. You can refer to these signs when choosing fuel. If you are still in doubt, ask a petrol station attendant to help you; courteous staff are always helpful.
As a little hint:
* Diesel (Spanish: Diesel/Gasóleo/Gasoil) is always marked in black.
* Petrol (Spanish: Gasolina/Petróleo/Sin Plomo) highlighted in green
* There are also varieties of diesel and petrol by type of purification and the presence of additives. If you have any questions, please ask a petrol station employee.

Fuel types in Spain

In Spain, as in all European countries, the following fuels are used:
- Lead-free petrol (95 and 98 octane);
- Diesel
- Liquefied gas (LPG).
You should select the fuel type indicated in the vehicle manufacturer's documentation and on the fuel filler cap.

Fuel prices in Spain

Petrol and diesel prices in Spain?Fuel prices in Spain can vary considerably depending on many factors. The main ones are, the world market and the excise duties set by the government.

Currently Spain, like many other countries, experiences seasonal fluctuations that directly affect the cost of fuel. In summer, during the active tourist season, petrol and diesel prices in Spain may be higher as the demand for them increases. It should also be noted that prices can vary from province to province.

At the moment, the average price for 1 litre of petrol in Spain is about 1.3-1.5 euros, depending on the region and fuel grade. Diesel fuel has roughly the same prices, slightly lower or equal to the cost of petrol. However, these figures should be used as a guide, as actual prices may vary depending on various factors.

It is also worth noting that the state introduces certain tax incentives and discounts on fuel to reduce the burden on consumers. In addition, loyalty programmes are common at gas stations in Spain, which allow you to save money on fuel under certain conditions.

It is important to note that fuel prices in Spain are comparable to those in other European countries and may be higher or lower depending on the economic situation and changes in the world market.

Thus, the cost of fuel in Spain remains unstable and subject to fluctuations caused by various factors. It is therefore important to be careful and compare prices at petrol stations in order to make a favourable purchase.