How to rent a car in Spain: practical tips

Car hire for your holiday

Sun, sea, beach... Here it's time for you to rent a car in Spain, because you're going on a long-awaited holiday.Car hire at Alicante airport
What can compare to the anticipation of resting the soul?
Just the holiday itself. So how do you stop worrying about everything and rest 100%?

This is something you need to know when you plan to rent a car...

If you have already decided to rent a car from us, we have collected useful tips for you below, which will help you to rent a car profitably. It is not difficult at all to follow them.

- Book your car as early as possible. On the one hand, you will be sure that you will have transport on arrival and this issue will be closed. On the other hand, if you reserve a car in advance, the price may be lower. Therefore, once you have decided on the dates of your trip and you already have the tickets, the booking process will not take you more than five minutes.

- Choosing a pick-up and drop-off location. Very convenient if you arrive at Alicante airport for example, and want to drop off your car in Valencia. Simply tick the "Return elsewhere" box. This is not valid in all our rental locations in Spain, but only on the Costa Blanca.

- When choosing the date and time of pick-up and drop-off, be careful and set the time that corresponds to your arrival and departure. This way, you will get the cars available for these dates and you will be able to choose your favourite option. Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you specify, for example, the time of return 14:00, and return the car at 11:00. But if it is the other way round, the car may already be reserved and you may be charged for an extra day. To prevent this from happening, you should take this into account when reserving the car.

- Choose the right car for you and your family. When choosing a car, pay attention not only to the price of the car, but also to the size of the boot and the interior space of the car. It is very important to take this into account, especially if you are travelling with children.

- Choice of transmission. If you choose a mechanic car, and you have always driven an automatic car, it may be difficult during your holiday. Therefore, pay attention to this, so that you do not waste time and extra money on replacing the car.

- Additional fees. Not all optional extras are free of charge. There are no hidden charges, but as you book, you will be offered such necessary options as an additional driver (second driver - free of charge), child seat. In a day on average renting a booster or baby cradle costs 4-5 euros, depending on the supplier. In the product card of the car in our company everything is written.

- Deposit. 90% of our offers are retention and deposit free, and full insurance will already be included in the rental price. Have peace of mind on the roads, you are insured.

Car hire at Valencia airport - Fuel Policy. Depends on the particular supplier. There are Equal Compensation options, meaning how much petrol or diesel was in the car, that's how much you have to pay back. And there's Full/Full/Empty. This means that you are given a car with the maximum amount of fuel. And if you return the car with the same amount, the fuel deposit will be refunded to you. All of this is also laid out, you just need to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the vehicle you are offered.

- Questions. If there are any doubts related to the rental, feel free to ask them either to us or at the place of pick-up/drop-off. You have the right to do so.
Here are the main points, taking into account which you will start your coveted holiday with ease and confidence. Have a great experience!